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1) It juices almost every vegetable, fruit and sprout. It will juice everything from carrots, celery, apples, pineapple, spinach, parsley, kale, and collard greens.

2) Green Star extracts the pulp so you can do continuous juicing. The pulp is very dry, so you know you're not losing much juice. This new twin blade technology does an excellent job in pressing the juice out.

3) The nutrient quality of the juice is excellent. It's a masticating juicer turning very slowly - 110 RPMs. There is no centrifugal action, so oxidation is minimized. This type of juice is ideal for people who juice in the morning and drink it later in the day at work. The juice is stable up to 48 hours compared to 15 minutes for juice made with centrifugal juicers.

4) This machine was designed for the Live Food lifestyle. The low RPMs prevent heat from building up during the masticating process. It does an excellent job in grinding (without heating) all your raw nut butters like almond and sesame. All your sprouted grains like sprouted wheat go through nicely and come out very smooth. Frozen desserts, like banana ice-cream, come out just perfect.


Green Star is definitely today's leading edge juicer technology. Green Power (new model now called Green Star) won the grand prize at the 9th Annual International Invention/New Product Expo held in Pittsburgh, in May 1993. It offers everything you ever wanted in a juicer and more. But leading edge technology is not everything. Long-term reliability of the product and the strength of the manufacturer standing behind it are also important.

Green Power is not a new product. It's been in the US market for nine years. Its reliability has been put to the test with minor problems. This latest model, Green Star has corrected previous problems. Our engineers were very impressed with the high quality and advanced technology of this machine.

These days, many small startup companies are marketing the latest and greatest products. Be careful, because many of them will not be around 5 years from now. Our company has been in the juicer business 10 years. We’ve seen many juicer companies come and go. We’ve seen startup juicer companies offering lifetime warranties, but today they’re not around to honor their warranties. We recommend you stick with a company with a good proven track record in case you need parts or repair.


Green Star Juicer

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Green Star Juicer
(Formerly called Green Power)

Green Star Juicer

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