Master Nutrition Course
by Dr. Bernard Jensen
- A Natural Food System




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Book #1: Nutrition Handbook
1. Recommended Daily Food Program
2. Health-Building Foods Begin at
3. Special Health-Building Foods
4. Whole Food with Seeds
         . . . And much more!
Book #2: Forever Young Living
1. Changing Our Consciousness to Get
2. Times Have Changed and So Have
3. Getting Down to Basics
4. What Our Foods Do For Us and To
                . . . And much more!
Book #3: Special Foods for the Caring
1. The 16 Chemical Elements
2. Learning About Our Foods
3. Learning About Objectionable Foods
4. Foods Easy to Digest, Laxative or
    Neutral Foods Containing Citric Acid
                  . . . And much more!
Book #4: Body Chemistry: The Dust Of
                      the Earth
1. Man and the Sixteen Chemical
2. The Body-Building Elements -
     Nitrogen and Carbon
3. Foods High in Potassium and
    Sodium Salts
4. Calcium: “The Knitter”, and
     Magnesium: “The Relaxer”
              . . . And much more!
Book #5: Food Wisdom for a Long Life
1. “Good Morning, Doctor!”
2. Why I Should change My Food
3. What Our Outside Tells Us About Our
4. Four Chemical Elements You May
Book #6: Master Feeding Program
1. Dr. Jensen’s Master Feeding Advice
2. Jensen’s Health and Harmony Food
3. My Supplementary Feeding Program
                 . . . And much more!


Dr. Bernard Jensen Master Nutrition Course


Master Nutrition Course
by Dr. Bernard Jensen

6-Volume set
Master Nutrition Course

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