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If youíre like most people, you probably donít use your blender everyday. Just the thought of putting it together and taking it apart to clean keeps you from getting started. Plain and simple, itís a pain to use unless youíre going to blend for many people.

Wouldnít it be great to prepare fresh smoothies, blended soups, salsa, pates, baby food and more without the hassles of a big blender. Yes, it would be wonderful, and it is now possible using the NEW Personal Blender.

The Personal Blender is a small portable blender that is as powerful as most good blenders but is as easy to clean as a drinking glass. You can use and clean the Personal Blender in less than one minute. For such a small machine, it has a powerful 200 watt motor that is powerful enough to crush ice. It can easily blend nuts and seeds into butters and flax seeds into flax seed meal.

All you mothers who want to make fresh baby food, hereís your answer. You donít have to fill your big blender full to make it worth your while. You can make Ĺ to ĺ of a cup at a time. And remember, itís simple to use and clean.


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Benefits of the Personal Blender

Drink right from the blending container
Your blender container is your cup. It saves you time from washing your blender and the cup you pour your drink into.

Convenient storage
Each container comes with a screw on lid. You can store your leftover drink or food by simply screwing on the airtight lid and putting it in the refrigerator.

Easy to clean
The container is as easy to clean as a 16oz glass. To clean, you put a little soap and water in the blender, run it for a few seconds and rinse. Youíre done.

Lightweight, compact and portable
Itís very small and compact. It weighs less than 3 pounds. Good to travel with.

Powerful Results
It contains a powerful 200 watt motor. No problem in crushing ice, nuts, beans and seeds.

Personal Blender


2 - 16oz Blender containers with lids
1 - Four prong blender blade
2 - 8oz Grinder containers with lids
1 - Two prong grinder blade



Personal Blender

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