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Many of our customers have been asking where are all the wheatgrass juicers we carried in the past. Well, we stopped carrying them two years ago because since then we've discovered something even better--Barleygreen®. It's more nutritious, it tastes better, you don't have to deal with growing and juicing it and the results we've seen have been just incredible!

You're probably asking how we can even compare a dried-up green juice powder against fresh wheatgrass juice. We asked that same question two years ago when we saw all these raw foodists and natural juicing therapy cancer practitioners using Barleygreen
®. Dr. George Malkmus in his all-raw Hallelujah Diet was using Barleygreen® as his main raw food. Dr. Malkmus has the largest raw food following with over one million people that have been on his all-raw Hallelujah Diet. Dr. Lorraine Day, MD in her personal triumph against breast cancer was juicing freshly made carrot juice and consuming Barleygreen®. Dr. Francisco Contreras, MD, who runs the Oasis of Hope Cancer Hospital in Mexico, was using nutrition and Barleygreen® on his patients. Dr. Julian Whittaker, MD was interviewed and he talked about using Barleygreen®.

Why were these raw foodists and highly respected alternative care practitioners who used juicing and natural foods in their healing program using Barleygreen
®? Our investigation led us to Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, MD, the scientist behind Barleygreen®. Dr. Hagiwara has a long and distinguished history in medicine and pharmacology. In fact, he owned one of Japan's largest pharmaceutical companies until he discovered the chemicals used to make his drugs were slowly killing him. At the age of 38, his hair had turned gray, his teeth had decayed and his mental health had declined.

In desperation, he quickly changed his attention to nutrition and natural healing. He has spent over 30 years researching green foods and is considered the world's foremost authority on green foods. Almost every research paper on chlorophyll and green food nutrition has reference to his research. We've received many information packets from other green food manufacturers that reference Dr. Hagiwara's research.

He had extensively tested over 400 green plants and algae and has found barleygrass to have the widest spectrum of naturally occurring nutrients from a single source. Essentially, he's saying it's the most nutritious single food that we know of on planet earth. That's a big statement but he has the credentials and research to back it up.

Once barleygrass was identified to be the most nutritious food, the big problem lay in processing the juice into a powder without destroying the valuable nutrients. Dr. Hagiwara had to develop his own patented spray dry in a vacuum process because every industry process he analyzed from freeze drying to heat drying was destroying the most essential nutrients in the barleygrass juice. Barleygreen
® is the only product produced this way. Processing is done at a low temperature and in a vacuum. This process is probably the best in the industry to preserve the live enzymes.

Now, do you know why we don't bother with wheatgrass juice? Growing and juicing wheatgrass is a tremendous amount of work. With Barleygreen
®, you simply scoop it out of the bottle and mix it with water or juice. You can even scoop it straight into your mouth under your tongue for instant nutrition. The testimonies are unbelievable. People are reporting more energy. People are telling us they're not getting any colds and flues anymore because their immune system is stronger. And the healing taking place -- Wow! The testimonials we've heard would knock your socks off.



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